HiST Student Response System (SRS)

It is a ONLINE STUDENT RESPONSE SYSTEM for Smartphones, Pads, PC and Mac.


  • Student Response System (SRS) is designed to increase involvement by enhancing interaction and communication in class. 
  • SRS provides easy-to-use software where students and teachers may give and receive instant and anonymous feedback.
  • SRS promotes active learning by use of modern mobile technology.
  • SRS may be used for on-site training or in distance learning settings. 

Teachers get instant feedback on how well students are paying attention to a training session, while students get instant feedback on their understanding of key concepts.

Enhanced interaction and communication in class, resulting in a higher level of understanding and
motivation for trainees and trainers.

“SRS gives you a feedback on whether you have understood the topic being taught. Yes, it’s all about
your own learning. You get to see if you’ve learned something”.

“SRS is like a small activity in the middle of the lecture, which restores my motivation when I start to doze of ”.

“Using SRS is fun, and when it is fun it is also easier to learn”.

”SRS forces you to participate, and that’s very positive, you learn more when you are active”.

“It’s anonymous, so no one is afraid to answer”.




For HiST-ansatte (in Norwegian)

Ønsker du å få SRS installert på din egen PC? Dette ordner Brukersenteret for deg.

Nedenfor finner du en mal til en epost-forespørsel som du kan kopiere inn i Outlook og sende til Brukersenteret (brukersenter@hist.no).

Emne: Forespørsel om å få installert studentresponssystemet SRS på egen PC

Melding: Jeg ønsker med dette å få installert studentresponssystemet på min kontor-PC. For dette må Adobe AIR samt AIR-applikasjonen SRS-Ci.air rulles ut til min PC.

Mitt PC-nummer: PCSxxxxx

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SRS 2.0, PELE 1.5, Eval 1.0 and iLike 1.0 are available for use.