HiST Digital Learning Labs (DiLL)

October 2011
The first experiment addresing use of Activity Based Training in learning of languages will be completed at October 21. After a 4 week period the students have made up a leaflet, a web-page and a video that are going to be used to recruit students from Romania to the Erasmus programe. You may read more about the experiment in the news article

Another experiment addresses use of Activity Based Training in a physics course for  mechanical engineering students. The goal with this experiment is to construct a rocket from matchsticks and aluminium.

September 2011
Several classes in engneering, physics, mathematics and language training have started to use the new digital learning lab. The students give very good feedback, including suggestions for enhancing the use of the lab into new areas. 

August 2011
We have constructed two new state of the art digital class rooms. Both rooms are loocated at the Faculty of Technology and provide an infrastrucutre were up to 11 students groups may work together on a large working surface like a Smartboard. Each group may have from 5 to 6(7) students, whereby we have a capacity of testing the lab with ca 55 - 70 students at once. The picture at the top of the web.-page demonstrates a group of students using the lab. The laboratory provides easy to use access to any kind of Internet resources. They will be used to carry out experiments addressing new teaching metods. One of hte key goals is, as an example, to figure out if it is possible to reduce the number of traditional lessons and replace them with student driven engaging activities at this lab. 

SRS 2.0, PELE 1.5, Eval 1.0 and iLike 1.0 are available for use.