The network replaces stencils, Söderhamn, Sweden


At November 8, 2011, the newspaper Söderhamns-Kurriren published an article describing the first experiences obtained in Sweden by using the online Student Response System that has been developed by HiST in Trondheim. Per Bergegard from Centrum for Flexible Learning (CFL) reports that "Smartphones increase skills of students in Söderhamn. Right now the system is tested on Staffan High School and CFL. - It will definitely becoming popular". 

Learning in the classroom is about to change. Smartphones, Pad`s and Computers will in the future contribute to increase students' knowledge. By using new methods students should be more involved and become a part of teaching, says Per Bergegård, teacher at CFL in Söderhamn. For about a year, he has been testing and trying out a free education system that is based on the Internet. The method called SRS, Student Respond System, is based on that students answer questions posted by the teacher during the lesson, and the students answear by using the internet feature in their smartphones or computers. At CFL and Staffan School High School the method has been used increasingly in recent time and it is appreciated by teachers and students, says Per Bergegård, who believes that this method has many benefits.

Furthermore, Per Bergegård highlights that "Knowledge is increasing among students, and they are more involved and engaged. They find it is a fun and dynamic way to learn on. The answers given by SRS is anonymous, whereby it allows for response rates that are high. You can also ask sensitive questions without that students are singled out."

Here you may read the rest of the article (in Swedish).


SRS 2.0, PELE 1.5, Eval 1.0 and iLike 1.0 are available for use.