The iPod as an Educational Tool – a Success Story!

2011-11-30 - 2011-12-15

The newspaper Adresseavisen, Norway, 30.11.2011:

Enthusiastic students and better learning – this is the result of the new response system at HiST, a system which combines modern communication technology with new methods of teaching.

17 concentrated students equipped with iPods or smart phones are gathered in a classroom at the island of Frøya. There is some discussion among some of them before they quickly type their answers to the teacher’s questions. The answers instantly appear on the board.

The student response system which is developed at the Sør-Trøndelag University College, is proving successful at several universities and schools, both in Norway and abroad. All the feedback given indicates that the system makes for a more motivating, informative and fun learning process.


Better learning
-In an ordinary teaching situation, it is very easy for the students to adopt a passive attitude, which is unfortunate, considering the fact that interaction is a condition for learning, says PhD-candidate Gabrielle Hansen-Nygård, who is a participant in the HiST Mobile project.
-In addition, It is often very difficult for the teacher to know whether all the students are actually paying attention.

The solution may be found in the use of modern communication technology. HiST has developed a response system which makes use of mobile units such as iPods and smartphones, objects that young people are familiar with and use every day.
-This project uses modern technology to develop better methods of learning, says Hansen-Nygård. She hopes that the system may contribute to raising the level of professional expertise in students and future employees, and that the students will also develop competence with respect to participating in discussions, giving relevant feedback and making decisions.

Creates enthusiasm
Teacher Asgeir Johansen is enthusiastic. He has used this system during the autumn term in his Aquaculture class at Frøya College.
-This is a great system! The students give their answers anonymously, and both teacher and student receive immediate feedback. After the initial questions and answers session, we can discuss solutions and follow up with further questions. This gives the students an opportunity for reflection and discussion, and I am able to establish close contact with all the students and may adjust my teaching according to their response.
-The fact that the system makes us of a technological gadget is also a motivating factor, Johansen says with a smile. He believes that all use of modern technology in school helps students become better equipped for further education and ultimately helps them get ready for future employment.

HiST: The knowledge you need
The Student Response System at HiST (SRS)

  • Leads to a more absorbing, relevant and purposeful learning environment
  • Facilitates discussion and allows immediate communication between teacher and student
  • Makes use of wireless internet and mobile units, and is easy and flexible to use
  • Is now applied at HiST and NTNU, at universities in Greece, England and Romania as well as at adult education institutions in Norway, Sweden and Hungary.
  • Is a part of the programme “HiST Mobile”, which combines new methods of learning with modern technology, and continues to pursue the results from the EU lifelong learning programme.

Access the SRS from

Here you may read the whole article from the newspaper Adresseavisen, 30.11.2011:


SRS 2.0, PELE 1.5, Eval 1.0 and iLike 1.0 are available for use.