Teachers Apathy to Technology in the Classroom


Online Educa 2011, Berlin

Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda Transforming learning through technology, has called on teachers and education administrators to end their apathy to technology in the classroom and the education system, or risk being "guilty of a grand failure: a failure to give our children the best chance in life."

Kroes said that from South Korea to the slums of Nairobi technology often plays a larger role in education than in Europe and this needs to change.

  • "We need every teacher digital, and every student digital. Right from the very start of formal education."
  • "Why, here in Europe, do most of our classrooms still feel like they did when I was at school?"
  • "Let technology support and enhance learning...When digital media can be combined to create interactive rich content to help teaching: why are we still based on blackboards, textbooks and a uniform approach for everybody?"

Kroes said many teachers do see the point and achieve great results: "These technologies are routinely and readily available." In particular such technology helps to tailor learning: "It can help people learn at their own pace, in their own way, wherever they are, and throughout their lives."

Here you may read the press releae, or have a look at the video from the EQB 2011 Plenary Thursday, December1, 2011

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