Exchange of students and staff

Student exchange

Mobility of students from Balkan to Norway: Students (bachelor or master level) will in their projects be working on topics provided by and relevant for one or more enterprises in their country. The mapping of the needs in industry will provide a basis for selection of topics and enterprises for the projects. - This will include student mobility (from University of Tuzla and University of Novi Sad to HiST Department of food technology in Trondheim) for the practical experiments of their student thesis. During their stay the students also will receive training in the use of relevant laboratory instruments. We also aim to organize some projects with bachelor students from HiST, Tuzla and/or Novi Sad working together (possibilities will be sought for 2013 and -14). The student exchanges according to the project plans (number of students to be exchanged): 2012 (Tuzla 2; Novi Sad 2), 2013 (Tuzla 2; Novi Sad 2) and 2014 (Tuzla 2; Novi Sad 2).

Information about Trondheim, HiST and HiST Department of Food Technology:

Mobility of bachelor students from Norway to Balkan - is not included in the application, but the project partners agree on making efforts mapping the interests and possibilities for this, - eventually seeking other financing funds making such exchange possible in 2013. The planning for this will start in 2012.

Staff exchange

Staff exchanges from Balkan to Norway: For Balkan university staff to be acquainted with the learning forms in Norway, we plan shorter time period visits (1-2 weeks) during the stay at HiST of students from their universities. Visits to local fruit and berry producers, research laboratories etc. will be included. During the staff visits to Norway there will be focus on discussions on each student thesis work, education on selected instruments and equipments, triple helix activities as well as building of internal project communication and relations. This time periods will also make opportunities for project meetings. The staff exchanges from Balkan to Norway according to the project plans (number of staff to be exchanged): 2012 (Tuzla 3; Novi Sad 2), 20132012 (Tuzla 3; Novi Sad 2) and 2014 2012 (Tuzla 1; Novi Sad 1).

Staff mobility from Norway to Balkan: In connection with the Kick off meeting in January 2012 two teachers from HiST joined a priority discussion at the UNTZ Faculty of Technology for the investments based on the preliminary suggestions in the project application. In Novi Sad staff members from HiST joined the discussions of the colleges at the UNNS Faculty of Technology in their planning of a new lab for sensory analyses.
In connection with the summer workshop and seminaries in Balkan, there will also be staff members from HiST to participate. Further activities in the region will be planned in cooperation with the two Balkan project coordinators to support on-going and planned EDUFOOD activities.

SRS 2.0, PELE 1.5, Eval 1.0 and iLike 1.0 are available for use.