Successfull first test of PeLe in Romania


The very first full scale testing of the Peer Learning Assessment System (PeLe) prototype, which is currently developed in the on-going KA3 Done-IT project, started last week in Tirgu Mures, Romania. The testing was lead by Prof. Liviu Moldovan at the Petrus Major University. He used it in one of his material sciences classes, and was running the system from the servers in Trondheim, Norway, during the test.

Prof. Moldovan has adapted his "Advanced Material Science course" such that the students have to pass several tests in order qualify for the final exam. During the first test his class used PeLe, as shown in the pictures. The students were engaged, and liked the system solution and the new training method. Since the students were experienced users of the Student Response System (SRS) from the KA 3 EduMecca project (2009-10), they managed to use PeLe very fast. They also suggested using it in their final exam. 

Prof. Moldovan reports that the evaluations from the students are very positive. It was easy to use the system. On the other hand, it is still necessary to carry out improvements e.g. on the current teacher control interface, such that the start up phase becomes even easier for the teachers.

During the next 2-3 months PeLe will be tested and used in Sweden, Slovenia, Hungary and Norway. More than 30 training organizations from all over Europe have recently signed up with HiST for testing the PeLe prototype, when it is released for exploitation towards the spring 2012. Interested organizations that want to exploit state of the art mobile technology and carry out assessment for learning, should contact the Coordinator


SRS 2.0, PELE 1.5, Eval 1.0 and iLike 1.0 are available for use.