Visit from Selçuk University, Konya, Turkey


Prof Dr. Durmus Bozkurt and his team have visited HiST for 3 days. Prof. Bozkurt visited HiST in order to study and test the Student Response System (SRS) and the Peer Learning Assessment System (PeLe), which HiST has developed during the last 3 years in the two LLP KA3-ICT projects EduMecca and Done-IT (ongoing). 

In Turkey use of digital- and mobile learning technologies are in the initial phase, whereby they decided to visit HiST in order to introduce and boost new education and training methods at their university, and in Turkey.

The team started the visit by testing the SRS system, and visit classes that used it. They also tested the PeLe system and carried out one assessment. Prof. Bozkurt informed the developer team at HIST that they liked the mobile learning approach developed at HiST, underlining how simple it was to use the technology and combine it with use of many new, flexible learning methods.

His group has just completed two international Lifelong Learning Projects with partners from all over Europe. They consider use of response technology at student’s own mobile devices, to be a new interactive way of providing training and education to students.


The team inspected the new digital learning labs and interviewed engineering students that carried out experiments in physics. The students explained how they worked in groups, and how they carried out experiments and handled measurements with direct use digital blackboards and Learning Management Systems. Due to very positive recommendations from the students, Prof. Bozkurt`s team are very interested to investigate how HiST manage to build, implement and utilize the digital infrastructure in higher education. In Turkey it is not common to use digital blackboards in education and teaching at university level.


Selçuk University was established in 1975 and is located in Konya in the central part of Turkey. Konya is the fifth largest town in Turky with 1.8 mill inhabitants. Selçuk University has 80.000 students, a population of approximately 5000 academicians and administrative personnel, and is one of the largest universities in Turkey.


During the next months the research group at HiST and Prof. Bozkurt`s research team, are going to investigate how they may initiate joint international projects within fields like mathematics, statiscis and sciences. This will include international well reputed partners from several European countries.

It is in particular easy to use (online) services, in combination with interactive and engaging learning methods that utilize digital blackboards, digital learning labs, SRS and PeLe that Selçuk University wants to exploit in partnership with HiST.

Trondheim, 18.1.2012

SRS 2.0, PELE 1.5, Eval 1.0 and iLike 1.0 are available for use.