SRS course for Sonans in Oslo


Representatives from Sonans, a group of privately owned high schools in Norway, visited the HiST stand at Online Educa 2011 in Berlin. They were so impressed by the SRS presented there, that Sonans requested an SRS course for their teachers as part of an intiative to implement the system in some of their classes.

Sonans is a group of Norwegian private schools which offer upper secondary education (3 years of study), as well as courses for students who want to improve grades in specific courses, or who need to pass certain subjects in order to finish their education.

The course participants, who teach subjects as diverse as mathematics, English and media studies, were taken through a hands-on course in which the underlying ideas of SRS were conveyed, and the participants were given plenty of time to familiarize themselves with both the teacher and student interfaces. These teachers will shortly be introducing the SRS to their students.

Sonans is very conscientious about student assessment and to this end, the PeLe (Peer Learning Assessment System for smartphones) was also demonstrated. The Sonans teachers immediately acknowledged the importance - and difficulty - of providing immediate feedback after a test, and were very enthusiastic about the possibilites for immediate feedback and "second chance" votes offered by PeLe. Normally, correcting tests takes time. By the time the test is handed back after several days, neither the students nor the students have the mindset to work on and learn from their mistakes. But with PeLe, immediate review of the test comes as an integrated part of the methodology.


SRS 2.0, PELE 1.5, Eval 1.0 and iLike 1.0 are available for use.