Response Technology Workshop in Trondheim


The online Student Response System (SRS) developed by HiST, has been used for 3 years. The online Peer Learning Assessment System (PeLe) is for the moment tested in several classes. In order to exchange experiences, HiST organized at March 23 a workshop for 25 teachers addressing use and implementation of response technology in education and training. The teachers worked in groups in order to highlight Do`s and Dont`s when using for instance the SRS.

Themes like technical and pedagogical support, improvement of design, simplifications of user interfaces, follow up when start using SRS, effective usage of SRS in teaching, various ways to use SRS in teaching, were addressed. The teachers reported that it might be challenging to develop good conceptual multiple-choice questions. Several teachers highlighted that questions used in a class must reflect the "level" of the class. A question, which is considered to be a good one, may not be a good one the next year as the number of clever students in the next class has changed. This requires that the teacher adjust the questions to the "level" of the class. Several teachers suggested developing a database with questions that may serve as a starting point for the teachers, whereby they may adapt them to reflect the “level” in their own class.  

The pictures below shows the teahcers in action in the HiST digital learning lab: 





The evaluation feedback from the teachers was good. It is at least three important factors that may help simplifying the introduction of SRS into a training organization:

  • Technical support during the startup phase 
  • Pedagogical guidelines for various usage of SRS in class
  • Development of an evaluation scheme that provides feedback from students to the teacher, such that the teacher may adapt their usage to the class

It is the plan to organize a new response technology workshop towards the summer. The location will be outside Trondheim, and involve instructors and teachers from Mid-Norway. 


SRS 2.0, PELE 1.5, Eval 1.0 and iLike 1.0 are available for use.