Visiting the Company VIRS, Slovenia


Representatives from Vitec and HiST were recently invited to the SME company VIRS in Slovenia. VIRS manufactures temperature panels for cooling or heating in various industries. The aim of the visit was to study special welding production methods that require rapid cooling of the welded material, and discuss new international vocational education and training projects.

VIRS is a specialized supplier within the field of welding and cutting. They specialize in the automation and robotization of manufacturing processes, with particular emphasis on electric- and resistive welding for optimization of these processes. 

VIRS has developed a special fitting method where they circulate water inside the rears that they are welding together in panels, in order to cool down the weld. This is important in order to keep the structural and material characteristics of the steel. 

The temperature panels may for instance be used to regulate the temperature in industrial production environments. They may also be used to produce hydraulic lifts for use inside buildings. Their products are exported all over Europe. HiST and Vitec gave some information about activities and results from ongoing EU funded projects within the Lifelong Learning Program. 


The pictures show examples from the event and the production inside the VIRS company. 

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