Visiting the Varstroj Company, Lendeva


Personnel from Vitec and HiST recently visited the company Varstroj in Slovenia. The former manager of Varstroj, Arpad Koves, now at the welding institute “Institut za Varilstvo” organized the meeting. During the visit we studied the production of state of the art modern welding- and cutting machines, including cutting machines,  welding automation machines and robots. 

Varstroj is a medium sized company that manufactures welding machines, CNC machines for plasma and flame cutting and microprocessor controled machines for automatic and robotic welding. Their headquarters is located in the town Lendava, located near the Hungarian, Croatian and Austrian borders. Their products are exported to European countries and many other countries all over the world. In recent years, they have achieved several certificates with respect to EU safety regulations and electromagnetic compatibility. 



Some pictures form the visit.

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