NPRA is using SRS, Trondheim

2012-04-11 - 2012-04-12

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) is using the student response system (SRS) during a two-day course in road-technology and road-construction, with 130 participants on April 11-12. The SRS is used to run factual quizzes aiming at measuring learning and comprehension.

The SRS facilitates increased feedback from the class to the instructors and vice versa. A majority of the participants are using their own Smartphones to participate in the polls. Those who don`t have access to a modern mobile device are able to rent an iPod from HiST.

Many instructors are giving lectures during the two day course, and they have all been invited to prepare at least a couple of questions in order to enhance the communication and collaboration within the class, as well as to verify their knowledge and interpretation of various standards. 

Here is the news article from the first testing carried out by NPRA.

SRS 2.0, PELE 1.5, Eval 1.0 and iLike 1.0 are available for use.