Demonstrating SRS and ABT methods in Moscov, Russia

2012-06-14 - 2012-06-30
From 5 to 10 June, Robin Støckert and Tord Talmo attended a conference hosted by Lomonosov Moscow State University, the largest University in Russia.. Here they demonstrated the online Student Response System (SRS), a system developed by the DEEL team at HiST, which is currently being employed to good purpose through the Leonardo TOI-project Global SRS. Støckert and Talmo were asked to present the new digital learning labs and the Activity Based Training (ABT) methodology that have been designed, developed and used at HiST since 2005, and co-funded through several pilot projects like Mecca, EduMecca and HiSTMobile. 
After having attended presentations of SRS and PeLe at Inted2012 in Valencia in March, participants from Moscow State University were interested in learning more about the systems and the methodology developed at HiST. Representatives from DEEL were invited to demonstrate SRS at «V International Scientific and Methodological Conference of Information and Communication Technologies in Linguistics, ELT and Cross-cultural communications”  in Moscow, Russia. 32 people attended the one hour demonstration.
Due to some visa problems, Torstein Rekkedal from NKI Distance education in Norway, was unable to give his speech at the plenary session, and Talmo and Støckert were asked to speak in his place. They gave a speech about "the Design and use of new digital learning environments", which included an explanation about how to build digital learning labs, by using cutting edge technology to enhance student learning and motivation. They also talked about ABT as a useful methodology in both Language training and Physics. The speech generated immediate interest from the attendants both from Moscow State and from other institutions, who wanted to learn more and use the DEEL teams' expertize when building their own labs.
The DEEL representatives met the President of The Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies, Professor Svetlana G. Ter-Minosova. They demonstrated the SRS and the assesment system PeLe, which is currently being developed through the Done-IT project. In addition, they met several representatives from Moscow State and other Universities in Russia.
Lomonosov Moscow State University is the biggest University in Russia and also one of the oldest, established in 1775. The main building where the plenary session was held is located in one of seven skyscrapers in Moscow, called Stalin's seven sisters.


SRS 2.0, PELE 1.5, Eval 1.0 and iLike 1.0 are available for use.