Soon you will be able to do your exam with your mobile phone!

2012-06-25 - 2012-06-30

Tired of waiting for months to get your exam result? With a mobile phone and the new education system developed in Mid-Norway, everything will be ready in five minutes. 

By Christmas, the system will be up and running, enabling students to conduct their exams and professionals to obtain their certificates by means of a mobile phone, a computer or an IT tablet, says John Birger Stav, who is the project coordinator at HiST.

An important point is that the students get immediate feedback, while the lecture is still fresh and at the top of their minds, and they still remember all the details, Stav says.

And this system is, then, a new method of teaching involving the use of mobile phones, IT tablets or computers. It may be put to use in education situations and in other settings involving the testing of knowledge level.

  • We are taking advantage of the possibilities offered by smartphones for educational purposes. Smartphones are becoming more and more common, and they are easy to use instantly and in a bidirectional manner.

Efficent education
All the students immediately get to see how they are doing as well as how their fellow students are doing. Each student will, for instance, see that they are not alone in making mistakes. They also discover that discussions in class may be very useful and that they have a better chance of arriving at the correct answer through cooperation, with each other and with the teacher.

  • The students become more confident and also ask more questions, Stav confirms.


Three of the students who stayed behind at HiST this summer to work also confirm this.

  • I think it is great to discuss the various questions with my classmates. This is definitely the greatest advantage of the system, says Øyvind Schei.
  • It changes the dynamics of the lectures, and the students get the opportunity to voice their opinions anonymously, says Lars-Arne Larsen.
  • We get to see right away how we are doing, what we know and what we don’t know, says Bendik Henriksen.

The three students have just finished their first year at the Department of Electronic Engineering at HiST.

Here you may read the full article (in Norwegian) that was published by The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation at, 19.6.2012, and the translation of the article into English

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