I've never done that before, so I'm sure I can do it


40 entusiastic teachers, researchers and developers from 8 countries attended the mobile learning workshop in Østersund, Sweden, 25-27.9.2012. Milena Podolsak from Belgrade was one of them. She learned how Activity Based Training may be used to structure training activities and motivate students to learn theory, how mobile technology may be used to engage students to take part in class discussions, or to create a new assessment for learning frameworks that utilize immediate fedback. 

One of  Pippi Longstocking's unconvential statements, "I've never done that before, so I'm sure I can do it", illustrates the enthusiasm of the group during the whole workshop. The participants were working in higher education, high schools and in vocational education and training, and participated in several practically-oriented training and evaluations sessions. This includeded an exam that illustrated the usage of the new Peer Learning Assessment System. Networking across borders and diciplines was an importent activity during the workshop, resulting in many new ideas for projects and project activities in several diciplines.

The various training and demonstration activities included:

  • Experiences with use of Activity Based Training (ABT) in vocational education and training with a presentation of the digital snake from the EuroPlast project
  • Experiences with use of mobile technology and ABT in Hungary, Slovenia, Romania and Norway
  • Pedagogical methods for use of response systems
  • Exploitation of online student response system
  • Assessment for learning practices that utilizes response in 1-2-3







Pictures taken during the workshop.


SRS 2.0, PELE 1.5, Eval 1.0 and iLike 1.0 are available for use.