New EU-project: Supporting VET schools in using e-learning, Krakow, Poland


The University of Science and Technology in Krakow will today (17.10.2012) be holding a kick-off  meeting in the new Leonardo Transfer of Innovation project: VET2EDU - SUPPORTING VOCATIONAL TEACHERS AND TRAINERS IN e-LEARNING (2012-2014). 

The aim is to adapt and transfer an e-learning course for vocational schools and training sector.

The course is based on the outcomes of LDV eTeacher project (2005-2007) and further developments of the iCamp Project (6FP 2006-2009). The course has been successfully delivered in Poland for around 250 participants up to now, and targets educators, teachers and trainers who want to start using e-learning in vocational education and training (VET). The results are going to be disseminated to Croatia, Greece, Lithuania, Italy, Spain and Norway. 

The idea of the transfer is to modify the content to the requirements of VET, taking into consideration European Quality Assurance Reference Framework (EQARF), the European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education Training (EQAVET) framework, and specific pedagogical requirements. This includes focusing more on qualification framework and specific e-skills of VET teachers. The course will be available as an open resource, while the moderators' guide will be for selected users only.

Main square, Krakow, Poland

EQARF promotes better vocational education and training by providing authorities with common tools for the management of quality. This Reference Framework forms part of a series of European initiatives which aim is to recognise qualifications and competences received by learners across different countries or learning environments, thereby promoting modernisation, mutual trust and mobility in VET. The adoption and implementation of the Framework in the participating countries is voluntary.

EQAVET is a community of practice bringing together the EU Member States, the Social Partners and the European Commission to develop and improve quality assurance in European VET systems within the context of the implementation of the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework by:

  • Assisting the Member States in developing effective approaches to support the implementation of the Reference Framework
  • Developing a culture of quality, to be embedded at European level and other levels with the help of the Quality Assurance National Reference Points and other Network members
  • Supporting the Member States and the European Commission in the monitoring and implementation of the Reference Framework within the context of the Education and Training 2020 Strategy
  • Supporting the quality assurance dimension of work in EQF and ECVET 


SRS 2.0, PELE 1.5, Eval 1.0 and iLike 1.0 are available for use.