Teachers Awaiting a Button to Push


The Peer Learning Assessment System (PeLe), that is constructed and evaluated in the ongoing KA3-ICT project Done-IT, is materializing. 35 teachers used the system to solve a test and carry out an evaluation during The 2nd International Mobile Learning Workshop in Østersund (Sweden) in September 2012. The PeLe video below shows an example of how PeLe may be used.

Until now students have been unable to receive immediate feedback on their learning processes. Feedback has been provided several days or even weeks after tests and exams. PeLe helps the teacher or instructor to focus their resources towards problem areas experienced during the actual test or exam.

PeLe video:

The goal is not to turn the system for carrying out assignments, exercises, tests and exams "upside down". Assignments, exercises, tests or exams are still distributed on paper, like all teachers are used to do. However:

  • PeLe gives the teacher a new learning tool, allowing him/her to either give verification or elaborative feedback to individual students or groups of students immediately after a test.
  • Students will, when they still remember the test questions, learn why the correct answer is correct and why the other ones are incorrect. Thus, mobile technology provides new assessment and testing criteria for education and training.

Student quotations about PeLe:

  • “It is very simple to use”
  • “It is extremely useful to receive feedback immediately and while you still remember the problems. Before, we had to wait a week or two before we got our exercises back, usually with only short comments such as “Correct” or “Wrong”, or “Look at the published solution”. Now we get explanations immediately about which alternative is correct and why, and which alternatives are wrong and why”
  • “We often get a second chance, i.e. an opportunity to answer again difficult questions after a short discussion with other students”
  • “We feel that we have become more active and participating students in the lectures”

Students’ experiences:
Students report that PeLe facilitates active learning through

  • Group discussion
  • Increased involvement
  • Instant feedback
  • Teacher’s explanation

The PeLe video shows how the teachers Audun Grøm, Jon Eirik Hennissen and Trond M. Thorseth from HiST, applied PeLe in Østersund. 


SRS 2.0, PELE 1.5, Eval 1.0 and iLike 1.0 are available for use.