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250 teachers, instructors, researchers, decision makers and administrators meet in Tromsø during the period 5-6.11.2012. They participate in a national conference addressing use of podcast and new evaluation methods in education. HiST is going to provide the final presentation at this conference:

Response in 1-2-3. You may soon take your exam on your cell phone, Tuesday 5.11.2012 at 14.20

During the conference HiST organized a stand in order to demonstrate and disseminate the usage of the Peer Learning Assessment System (PELE) and the Student Response System (SRS) to the participants, such that they may test out online response systems on their mobile device. These services have been developed with support from the KA3-ICT program, which is part of the Lifelong Learning Programe in Brussels. 

The pictures below show Roger Bergh and Robin Støckert in action during day one at the conference, explaining the importance of providing and receiving feedback during lectures and seminars. Many leaflets were distributed to the participants. The community of persons using response technology in Norway keep growing.  




SRS 2.0, PELE 1.5, Eval 1.0 and iLike 1.0 are available for use.