Breaking the Barriers


HiST gave an interactive demonstration of the Student Response System (SRS) at the Nordic NVL-Conference about Mobile Learning - Experiences and Challenges in Oslo on October 3, 2012. 50 teachers and instructors attended the conference, using their own smartphones to participate in voting sessions. 

SRS helped break the ice and created a framework for active discussion and participation, based up on the active and instant feedback from the paticipants. This was used as an example to highlight how "Response in 1-2-3" may be used to increase in-class communication and interaction - as the participants experienced for themselves.



The picture below shows Roger Bergh (HiST), Per Berggård (Centre for Flexible Learning) and Sven-Olof Larson (Centre for Flexible Learning) presenting experiences from using the Peer Learning Assessment System (PeLe) in Sweden. Centre for Flexible learning has been receiving positive feedback from their students from using PeLe, and has observed improved scores in those classes that receive immediate feedback after tests or assignments - compared to those which do not.                                                        

It was interesting to observe that more than 90% of the participants reported that they would like to use "second chance" votes, in which students get to vote a second time to improve their scores. 

HiST has also been invited to demonstrate SRS at the international NFF conference in Disruptive Education, Oslo, 12-13.11.2012. SRS will be used there to give and receive immediate feedback during the conference.


SRS 2.0, PELE 1.5, Eval 1.0 and iLike 1.0 are available for use.