HiST Christmas Greetings from Trondheim


Anna Avramenko, a postgraduate student from Lomunosov Moscow State University, visited us for two weeks at the end of the exiting year 2012. She carried out research related to mobile learning in several classes at HiST, and represents one our new international partners within R&D.

This is what she learned about our activities in Trondheim during 2012:






  • The new, 2nd generation, online Student Response System (SRS) is ready in January 2013. 
  • Students in Trondheim, Budapest, Søderhamn (Sweden), Ljubljana and Tirgu Mures (Romania) may solve exams, tests or exercises by using their handheld devices (smartphones, tabletts or laptops) in combination with the prototype of the Peer Learning Assessment System (PELE)
  • Vocational education and training students managed to use PELE and their mobile device to solve tests with 135 questions during a one day exam in December 
  • 8 new international projects have been funded
  • Results and methods were disseminated and exploited by using the HiST Stand at the EFQUEL Innovation Forum (Granada), the Advanced Learning Technologies Conference (Manchester) and at Online Educa (Berlin). 
  • Our personnel provided presentations and demonstrations in 8 international conferences in Spain, UK, Germany, Sweden and Norway
  • We organized and participated in workshops in Trondheim (2), Søderhamn,  Moscow, Lisbon (2), Prague, Østersund (Sweden)
  • One PhD student completed his degree
  • Teachers from 9 universities in Norway are now using the first generation SRS. In addition many high schools have started to use it. 
  • We are for the moment developing new modules that are going to let teachers and instructors start using open questions in SRS and PELE
  • We are also developing a new documentation system, together with several Accredited National Bodies, that is going to improve certification processes within Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

12.000 people have visited histproject.no during the last year, resulting in 55.000 page views.

The New Year starts with a visit from the University College in Oslo. They want to exploit PELE. The first external users start testing the 2nd generation SRS in January. Those persons that have signed up for testing SRS and PELE will receive their accounts in January 2013. Least, but not last, we are going to organize at least 4 new workshops in 3 countries during 2013. 

This will be the last news posted in 2012. See you in 2013!

SRS 2.0, PELE 1.5, Eval 1.0 and iLike 1.0 are available for use.