Active Learning. Response in 1-2-3


In the first week of June, HiST will be organizing 4 seminars and workshops in Moscow, Krakow and at Oppdal, Norway, and will also provide a presentation at an international conference that highlights Response in 1-2-3; Active Learning by use of Mobile Learning Tools.

Teachers in all levels of education face the same challenges: how do you stimulate interaction, collaboration and communication in the classroom – especially in large classes? And how can you involve all students, of all levels, including the very shy ones? What about assessments? Is it possible to turn a test into an engaging learning activity by use of immediate feedback?

HiST has since 2009 been developing and using online response systems which let students use their mobile devices, tablets or computers to answer multiple-choice questions and quizzes during classes. The systems provide immediate feedback to the students and to the teacher, and may be used in assignements, tests, exams, evaluations, and in class learning activities. The systems have been used in a variety of subjects and substantial research has been done to measure the effect of such didactics on learning, and to establish best practices. The response systems use existing wireless networks (wi-fi), which eliminates the need to build new infrastructure, and also the logistics of distributing hardware clickers.

For instance, the SRS facilitates teacher-student interaction by letting the teacher ask questions which are responded to immediately. The immediate feedback can then be used as a catalyst for active learning, collaboration and communication between the students – for example by asking a conceptual quiz question which lets the students engage in group discussions or other peer learning activities.

In Moscow, 60 teachers who specialize in language training will learn to use online student response systems (SRS) during two workshops. At the Krakow workshop, both the SRS and the peer learning assessment system (PELE) will be demonstrated for 200 teachers and decision makers. At Oppdal, approx. hundred teachers and professors will learn about student-active learning methods and response systems. 

SRS 2.0, PELE 1.5, Eval 1.0 and iLike 1.0 are available for use.