PELE instructional videos and manuals, SRS and Eval manuals

This web-page contains a summary of the most important videos that were developed during the Done-IT project. The videos illustrate how the Peer Learning Assessment Systrem (PELE) may be used. It also ocntains a link to the PELE leaflet, a figure that illustrates the new PELE evaluation method, and the PELE student- and teacher manuals. 

Introduction to PELE

  • Introducing the PELE method: This web-page describes how the teacher or instructor may turn PELE into a new evaluation method. It contains one introductionarry video. 

Download the Feedback in 1-2-3  leaflet:                                               


How to use PELE - Feedback in 1-2-3


 Test on paper                               Input answers                             Immediate, targeted feedback

This figure illustrates the new PELE learning evaluation method


New models for use of verification and elaboration based learning to VET, high schools and higher education 

  • The PELE methods: Methodological recommendations to teachers and instructors that want to start using PELE as an assessment for learning tool. This web-page addresses the following areas
    • Introducing PELE; what, why and how? (One video)
    • Starting up PELE  (One video)
    • Multiple choice tests "with or without" alternatives  (One video)
    • Flagging questions  (One video)
    • The value of a break when the test is closed  (One video)
    • Reviewing, analyzing, and creating a venue for learning (8 videos)

Video tutorials to be used in instructor training

  • Instructor training videos: The videos illustrate the following 4 aspects      
    • Pre-test phase - before the assessment begins (3 videos)
    • During the test - while the test is in progress in the classroom (2 videos)
    • Post-test phase - after the test is finished (2 videos)
    • How may the teacher address problem areas? (7 videos) 
      • This includes a description of the Mobile PELE Service Unit, that migth be used when the WI-FI network is overloaded (has too limited capacity), the security rules limit the access from students hand held devices in the class room, you don't have any WI-FI network infrastructure, or you dont have access to Internet?
  • PELE manual for teachers and instructors (Russian, pdf), and PELE manual for students (Russian, pdf)
  • PELE manual for teachers and instructors (English, pdf), and PELE manual for students (English, pdf)

 SRS instructional manual  (SRS may be started from within PELE)

How to use SRS - Response in 1-2-3


Ask a question                                Students vote on a mobile device      Results appear immediately

 How to use Eval - Evaluate in 1-2-3

SRS 2.0, PELE 1.5, Eval 1.0 and iLike 1.0 are available for use.