PeLe Assessments in Mechanics of Materials


PeLe - Peer Learning Assessment System - is frequently being used in the subject Mechanics of Materials at HiST. The lecturer, dr. Roger Bergh, is an experienced user of PeLe, and he is very satisfied with the recent updates with technical improvements of the system. For the teacher, the system has now become very user friendly. For the students, the login process is smooth and simple, the interface is easily understood, and it fails rarely, he says.

Bergh says that PeLe makes it easier for him to test both conseptual understanding and calculation skills. The students appreciate the immediate responce of the assessments; it assures that the teacher's solution summary at the end of the session is better understood.  For smaller and frequent assessments, dr. Bergh says it is possible within one hour to both let the students do the assessment (40 minutes) and to give detailed explanations of the questions frequently answered wrongly and a brief summary of the better answered questions (20 minutes). 

During the assessment, the teacher gets continuously information about the students' answers. With only a look at the graphical interface he is able to plan for the solutions summary at the end of the session, i.e. deciding which questions that should be addressed properly. In the next picture we see Bergh is encouraging a discussion on one of the tricky questions, forcing the students to consider which alternatives that can be ruled out. To consider which alternatives are correct and why, in addition to identify the improper ones and why they are erroneous, is substantial in the learning process.    


In this session, three observers were present: Scientific assistant Regine Ringdal, dr. George Adrian Stoica and dr. Raoul Pascal Pein (see the picture below). Stoica and Pein are the two main system architects and programmers of PeLe, and they wanted to observe the system in use and how the teacher actually uses PeLe. Ringdal assists teachers using PeLe and is responsible for all evaluations from teachers and students using the system.   


SRS 2.0, PELE 1.5, Eval 1.0 and iLike 1.0 are available for use.